Up to 35% performances upgrade of your engine, reliability and lower consumption!
Why upgrade your engine software....??

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Boost your engine!!!

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+35 Power

+35 Torque

Great midrange push

Porsche Carrera 355HP —> 387 HP

Cayenne Turbo 500HP—> 611 HP


The chip tuning is a technology that permits to improve the performance of the engine, the acceleration of the car, the speed and the drivability, reducing at the same time the consumption.

It’s very reliable and the update can be done on every car, diesel, gasoline, turbo or atmospheric.

We perform the update in one day, carrying out also a free diagnostic of the car.

Give boost to your car!!

For every car ;-))

BOOST YOUR ENGINE: info, price and reservations at:  info@ d4s.tech

for France and Italy: +33 619 86 46 72  also WhatsApp


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